Time to rise. 🤺

Sunday Scripture: to help you to future-proof your week.

This is your reading for the week beginning August 10th, 2020 – but as with all readings, if you have been guided towards this page at another time then trust that it is meant to be and applicable to your life now.

As we move into the second week of August, the focus is about standing up for what you believe in, picking a side and fighting for what you know to be right. This might mean loss and sacrifice – because, really, all change causes what is old and no longer serving us to fall away. But have faith, because what is being birthed in you and what is coming is worth the risk and sacrifice.

This week’s reading comes from the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck, published by U.S. Games Systems, INC., with artwork based on drawings by Pamela Coleman Smith. Check out their website if you like what you see and see or go to Amazon to get your own deck.

The cards drawn are:

  • The Page of Swords
  • The Eight of Cups
  • Strength

Watch the video below to get the full reading, then send me a message and share what it awoke or sparked in you.

Our first card is the Page of Swords – new ideas, research, exploration and mental adventure. The beginning of the week – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – is all about the generation and formation of new paths and projects and the padding out and exploring of current beliefs. Who am I? What do I believe in? Which direction do I want to be moving in? The Page symbolises new things waking up and coming into balance inside and our desire to stand up and take action to move towards them. Acknowledge, though, that because you are moving in a new direction, there is a need for mentorship and advice. You likely do not have all of the information you need for this journey to hand and perhaps you lack experience and insight. Find leaders who have been there before, who understand how it is done and know what to do, and ask them to if they will lead, guide and help you. Perhaps take an online course and join a support circle? Maybe dive deep into a transformational book and start binge watching someone’s podcast or YouTube channel? It doesn’t need to cost the earth or involve an actual person sitting with you 1-2-1. That would be nice, but do what your circumstances and budget allow and let your intuition guide you. This card could also mean that something unwelcome is coming into your life which is going to need you to find inner reserves of strength. Maybe someone close to you needs you to use your voice to defend their cause? Or else you are going to have to stand up and fight to protect their life? See how the beginning of the week pans out, and then adjust your reading of the next two cards to suit.

The Eight of Cups – disappointment, sacrifice, loss, abandonment and turning away. The middle of the week looks trickier than the beginning and Thursday and Friday are likely to be a challenging time. The Eight of Cups depicts a man turning away from everything he once held dear in order to embrace a different way of life. Perhaps what you do at the beginning of the week means alliances shift and friendships are challenged? Maybe an intimate relationship or your job is put to the test or even lost? These are polarising times and any time a person makes a change and tries to shift focus or direction their circle invariably alters. Even something as simple as turning vegan or giving up alcohol can alienate you from your group. People prefer it when we stay who we are so that they can know us more simply and also so they don’t have to look too closely at themselves if they are happy with how things are. Be brave, be strong, and stay true to your heart. The way of the heart, although painful, is the way that ultimately serves us best. If this eight proves painful for you, know that this is part of your hero’s journey and that this too will pass. No matter how high the cost of this card and this week, there will be transformation and healing and better times. Sometimes losing everything is a kind of freedom, releasing us so that we can get back on our rightful path.

Strength – inner power, strong emotions, resilience, the divine feminine awakening. Saturday and Sunday deliver you connection to a strength you didn’t know you had (and perhaps didn’t want to know you would ever need) and from this a bond with triad of the inner feminine. Your soft, squishy inner child is melding with your fiercely protective inner mother and stoic, wise grandmother and as they meld, you connect too to your original animal power, the first seed of your nature. Let this occur. From it a Phoenix will rise. You are stronger than you think you are. You are capable of surviving anything, and that includes everything that is happening to you right now and that which has come before. Welcome this magical bonding of archetypes and watch as miracles occur. If this was a difficult week, things are shifting one way or another now. Hang on in there, try not to lash out or be too harsh, either on yourself or others. It’s been quite a ride and may continue to be so for a while.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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