When life hands you Lemons. 🍋

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it can feel like life is out to get us or at least like she isn’t currently on our side. And we can wonder too at what’s up with our guardian angels, because it feels like they also have deserted us.

When life turns against you; when she hands you lemons: what do you do and how do you find the strength to keep going until you reach the other side? When the milk in the pitcher is always sour no matter how many times you return to milk the cow: how do you cut the chords that have become emmeshed so that you can go out and find a different animal?

A lot of it can come down to self-belief. If you don’t love yourself enough, if you don’t believe that you are worthy: you aren’t going to take the risk; you may even lack the confidence to trust in the potential of your own power. And if birds keep defecating on us each time we pluck up the courage to get dressed and venture outside… pretty soon we’re going to stop putting in the effort, perhaps even concluding right now isn’t the right time. It can be hard to trust in the Universe and in the Bigger Narrative when all of our small attempts to change the scenery are met with resistance and failure. Eventually… we start to doubt the Powers That Be.

After all…why do our efforts to change and improve the situations that have become toxically binding amount to nothing each time we muster up the courage to try? Why does our time, energy, hope and faith turn to dust in our palms?

In order to understand this ‘why’, we need to first understand the ‘why’ behind the lemons we are dealt and the box of them that we have managed to accumulate. And really, when we break it all apart, it comes down to this:

  • what have you done that causes you to believe you deserve this – these bad things – in your life?
  • when did you learn that you weren’t loveable and worthy?
  • who told you you didn’t deserve to be happy, healthy and have all of your needs met?
  • where did you pick up that you had to put others first always, no matter what?
  • who told you it was selfish to have rules of engagement and to ask for them to be met?
  • who told you you were a bad person, unworthy, not good enough, clever enough, strong enough, capable enough, etc?
  • what is it about you that makes you believe other people are more worthy of love, happiness, family, community, friendship, fulfilment, stability, security, health, harmony and peace, etc?

Somewhere inside – like deep, deep down – we all have limiting beliefs, and it is these beliefs that shape and guide us and that is why life hands us lemons, not because it doesn’t love us or want us to be happy but because we don’t believe we warrant more. In order to receive we first have to accept that we are worthy, and then comes the journey of allowing things in with open arms.

So in the interim of therapy – which we can all agree would be super nurturing, expansive, helpful and nice – what can we do to hold space for ourselves and how can we move into a place of surrender, faith and healing?

Let’s ask the cards…

The Owl bids us to listen to the messages of the angels and to the knowledge we have inside, for just as they are here for us as teachers, we are here as teachers for those in our own tribe. Use your wisdom responsibly and always blend it with love, because it carries both energy and weight. With words, a mother can either wound or heal, cause a child to grow or shrink. As a soul parent to the people around you, how does your family look? This is not to say that you should accept drama, theatrics and game playing from anyone. Never is this ok. Simply an encouragement that you acknowledge the wider ripples of how you interact and respond. The more distance you can put between yourself and a heated situation – i.e. rise up above it all like a bird, surveying the scene from a more objective less emotionally involved vantage point – the more chance you have of piloting through.

The Bear furthers this message, advising us to use power – our power, the power of our energy and truth, the power located in our solar plexus – with wisdom. In applying the insight of the Owl – that to look and listen and to rise above, that to free ourselves from unhealthy entanglements – the Bear shows us how important it is to be grounded, because being connected to the Earth enables us to come from a place of centredness and stability. Practice yoga for an amount of time and you will come to sense this. When we adopt the Mountain Pose, for instance, we can be poked or pushed and still remain standing. We are stronger when we fully inhabit our bones rather than when we collapse upon them. The Bear reveals the strength within each and every one of us, but also reminds us of the need to hibernate. If the world is a little scary right now, if your personal or work environment is challenging, if the walls are crumbling and your home-sweet-home is stubbornly falling down: retreat, go onwards, take care. You may need to walk alone for a little while while you figure out who you really are. And that’s ok; you are the one who sets the deadline on your destination.

The Lilac Fire dragon completes this journey, showing us how to transmute any lower energies that are in our lives. This, in turn, frees us up to attract more higher energies, which are the ones we want. On the path of lemons, this means there will be less and less, because lemons are all about lower energies and entities: the things that come to steal our light. The Lilac Fire dragons, like all of the dragons in this deck, are fifth dimensional creatures but unlike the others they have access to the ninth dimension too where there is a new energy being gifted. This energy, that of the Lilac Fire of Source, carries transcendent love and enlightenment. Call in this dragon and ask her to help you to let go of the old so that you are able to embrace the new. Imagine the chords that are wrapped around you. See how tight and tangled they have become. Follow them outwards to see where they go. Who are the people? What are the places or situations? Take note of this, then ask the Lilac Fire Dragon to help you perform a chord-cutting ceremony. Spend time on this in meditation and afterwards cleanse the room with sage, palo santo, or a room cleansing spray made up of water, alcohol and essential oils. Great ones would be sage, palo santo and lavender. Why not mix them all together in a bottle and use them regularly to clear the energies in your room, and also diffuse them if and when someone has come in and disturbed the energy. If you only have lavender, this is ok too. You can always blend it with other oils you might have. Ones that will also work are lemon, orange, rosemary, oregano, peppermint, frankincense, clove, cinnamon, pine, cedar and spruce. I always find its best to go by intuition, so smell a few and see what speaks to you. It will change from day to day or week to week, so be open to this too. Trust your senses.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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Thank you for reading and have a brave and beautiful day. x

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