Do you have a resident energy vampire? πŸ§›πŸ»

Just going about our lives takes a lot of energy. We have tasks, chores and responsibilities, both to ourselves and others. Then there are our relationships and the commitment, effort and emotion we bring to them. All before we even get to work, appointments and meetings. And this is just the surface layer: our lives are full of so many different things…

Add to that world dramas – of which, currently, there is no shortage – and it’s no wonder we are feeling a bit lacklustre. Some might even say burnt out; fried by the constant push and pull of demands and the pace and passion of the media. I know I am not alone in having reached a point of overload.

Which is why self-care is so important. And why we need to get plenty of sleep and do things like meditation, breathwork and exercise. And take care of ourselves by eating right and living in a clean environment. There is a lot we can do from the ground up to support ourselves. But it is a daily job and sometimes it isn’t enough.

What if, despite all of this, something is still draining us?

What if part of us or part of someone else’s behaviour is sabotaging or taxing us?

This reading is intended to get to the bottom of what might be draining you, because we all have energy vampires πŸ§›πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ§›πŸ»πŸ§›πŸ»β€β™€οΈ in our lives!!!

The first thing to notice about this reading is it’s need for attention. Usually, I pull one or two cards and wait for that to lead me. If things are still unclear or if there is a need for further information about something the reading has brought to light, I will then draw more, using my intuition to guide me. This reading demanded five cards outright; three literally leaping out of the pack. The cards were full of energy and adamant they be heard, which only adds to the importance of their message.

The Page of Pentacles shows us where our energy is being spent; literally, as pentacles are the money cards. The Page is an enthusiastic childlike character, usually a student, intent on a learning and mastering path. He is either seeking to polish skills or acquire new ones. This Page is focussed on financial improvement and is hard at work studying something that will bring in money and grow his life in that regard. Indicating that you are expending considerable energy on trying to build your career or business, and that the leak is most likely, but not necessarily, related to something to do with work. Are you trying to break into a new area, acquire skills, breathe life into a static situation, or pivot or reinvent yourself? Dreams take focus, drive and energy. To counter-balance this, we must be mindful that we are also filling up our tank with plenty of self care. The mountains in the background indicate obstacles to achieving the dream the Page is picturing. Perhaps these obstacles are the things that are draining you? Can you think what they are? Can you shift them in your mindset so that they are more digestible and appealing? The Page is a power card and an energy card and one full of manifestation. When he is in our life we can celebrate: things are underway, we are building, life is changing. We just need to pay attention to and take extra care over the rest of our life, so that we stay healthy. When you were younger and you were studying for an exam, did you not eat right and make sure you also had plenty of rewards to keep up your enthusiasm? Your body needs this from you still, so pay attention to your present moment and be a good parent.

The Five of Cups seeks to explain where other parts of our energy might be being spent, helping to bring clarity to why we might feel like we are running out of it. After all, time spent studying and learning and acquiring new skills, although challenging and mentally draining, is positive energy usage and therefore self-charging. Don’t you always feel energised by learning something new; picking up a new insight? The Five of Cups, however, is a very different energy, because it is all about disappointment, despondency and regret. This card can simply be explained by the phrase “crying over spilt milk”. The character in this card is sad and distracted from his present life and its wealth by that which he has lost. He is stuck in the past, wishing things were different and could be different now. Where are you lamenting over things that are behind you? What do you regret not having, losing or breaking, even? Why is what you don’t have so much more valuable to you than what you have? This preoccupation with the past and things that didn’t turn out the way you liked, is your energy vampire. Think about who you might need to forgive and get on a path of releasing and healing. If you don’t want to do it alone, or can’t, a therapist would be useful and help make it easier.

Our next card, the Knight of Wands, is brave and energetic and full of enthusiasm. He is gainfully employed and happy to be serving both his kingdom and his community. This energy usage, although high, is positive, because it is the act of creation; so no need to worry here. The Knight, given his mission, has a clear picture in his head of what he is intending to accomplish, a strong desire in his heart of what he hopes this will reap, and a tug of intuition in his belly of how to acquire it. Therefore, if we are also the Knight, we are likely investing a lot of energy into our crusade – the crusade of the Page of Pentacles, the crusade to build the life we want to build in our world. This is not an energetic vampire, however, for the pursuit is one of enthusiasm and passion, and, like the Page, self-charging. This card merely shines a light on where energy is going. It is a window, not a call for attention or a cry for help.

The Ace of Wands is another manifesting card, in which we are using our wand – our creativity, our intuition and imagination – to create change. The hand coming out of the clouds indicates that we are channeling a lot of what we are doing right now directly from Source, (or our higher self, or our guides, or whoever it is we receive from). This work is tiring and takes a lot of energy, but it is rewarding too and so not the source of our exhaustion. But picture the image on the card, or see it in the video: you are attempting to create your ideal life – the lush green landscape, the full blue stream, the castle on the hill. This level of manifestation and pulling into being is hard work. Do not under estimate how much energy this is using. Appreciate that, and give thanks to your mind and body for staying strong for you. And, again, up the levels of self-love and care.

The Two of Swords concludes our reading and reveals to us the solution. We are at a metaphysical crossroads. We are pulling in different directions. Essentially, a stand off. In order to make the future arrive in all of its glory, as in arriving as a future we can be happy in and feel proud of, a future we are desiring, we need to let go of some things and make some decisions. These things are whatever the contents of the three spilled cups (see Five of Cups card) is for you. This card reveals that the reason things aren’t happening at the speed you want, the reason you are failing and being let down or feeling sabotaged, the reason you are drained, is because you are blocking yourself from moving forwards. You have shuttered your intuition and bound your true voice. You have stranded yourself on an inhospitable shore. And you are refusing to see clearly about certain things playing out in you life. Because of this, no ships full of treasure (see rocky shore, stormy sea, dark night…) can dock.

Watch the video or find the above cards, either in your own deck or from images online, and spend some time adding your own thoughts and realisations. This will help you to get the most out of the card and to implement the advice and guidance given.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

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Thank you for reading and have a brave and beautiful day. x

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