How can I attract more clients and grow my business? 🌳

In any business clients are key, because without people searching you out who are prepared to pay for what you are offering, you are really just an uninhabited house full of useful things, a tv playing to an empty room.

Clients are eyes on the page, subscribers to your channel, people following and liking you. They are influencers who share, recommend and widen your reach. Depending on your field, they are like children seeking toys, companions, parents and cures… or adults sourcing solutions, tools and mentorship. Clients need to be celebrated, rewarded, honoured and appreciated for what they are, because they are not just a means to an income, but a family and a life tribe.

Finding your tribe, building your community, therefore, is the secret to success. But how do we get there if we are stuck on that journey? What is blocking us from building the business and the life we desire?

The King of Cups shows where you are right now, which is deep in your heart. You have desire, passion, a goal and dream… but you are led by your emotions. This has got you a certain amount of the way – you know what you want, you care deeply about what you are trying to create – but beyond that you are stuck. You keep implementing the same strategies, carrying out the same tasks, but nothing is really growing. By focusing on what lights you up and brings you joy alone, you are neglecting the other components necessary to make a business function. Or maybe you are being carried away by what is in your heart and therefore not seeing things clearly. There is a lack of balance here. You are awash in emotion. And as necessary as it is to be in touch with your heart and honest and accommodating of your emotions: it is also important to be grounded and practical. Do you want to be clinging to a concrete throne in the middle of a changeable ocean, vulnerable to every inner and outer shift? Wouldn’t you rather be sat reclining on cushions beneath a shady terrace overlooking a landscaped garden bordered by a gentle stream?

The Magician shows us what the King of Cups has indicated, calling for the cultivation of more structure, order and balance. A master creator, his trick is in bringing all things together. Right now your focus is from the heart, on everything represented by the cups and water. You are doing what you love and what brings you joy because this is what you have been told will be successful. “Follow your heart,”, “do what lights you up,”, etc. But in order to succeed, to attract more clients, to build your business and community: you need to also include the other suits; the pentacles, wands and swords. Lay them all out on your table, use them equally, polish them all as tools. You don’t have to know it all intuitively or even do it all really well, you just need to acknowledge where there is an imbalance or a deficit and find someone who can help you or teach you what to do. The more you lean into the energy of balanced creation – a little bit of earth, a little bit of fire, a little bit of air and a little bit of water – the more you will start to see a return. For just as a garden needs soil, sunlight, fresh air and rain: so do all things we are looking to create.

The Four of Wands is the big reveal, showing us what lies ahead. This card represents balance and harmony, as well as celebration, union, community, family, homecoming, abundance, fortune and success. Essentially, everything we want to have and experience in life. This is a thumbs up card for what you are currently trying to grow, the universe signalling to you that it will happen if you follow the Magician’s advice. Bring together all your talents. Balance any deficits. Seek mentorship or tutelage where necessary. The four wands illustrate that we have grounded our desires and used our emotions to water and grow sturdy legs, creating a table upon which we have laid a rich spread. In addition, there is a shady canopy providing space and protection for your tribe to congregate beneath. This is one of the most positive cards in the tarot and one to be excited about. There is greatness in your future. It is within reach. Knowing this you have everything that is necessary to dream and do big.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering topical issues, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


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Thank you for reading and have a brave and beautiful day. x

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