How can I help? 🤱🏻

When someone we care about deeply is unwell, whether that be emotionally or physically, serious or minor, it can cause concern and when they are unable to communicate with us, for whatever reason, that can grow. Perhaps we feel helpless, hopeless, heart broken and weary? Frustration about not knowing how to help – and all attempts at trying failing – might be keeping us up at night. Then there could be anger at the Universe, at God, at the health professionals, at our family or partner, and at ourselves… and these thoughts and feelings, although natural, are all getting in the way.

So what can we do to help?

This reading is intended to give you a little guidance and some pointers on what to look out for and where to start.

Temperance reminds us to keep balancing – our actions, our point of view, our beliefs and our thoughts, for what we focus on manifests. If we want health and healing, a return to vitality… we have to stay positive. Everything in moderation. Keep trying new things. Keep alternating your approach. Remember, one foot in the water of possibility and hope, in the realm of magic and imagination, and the other on the ground of logic and realism and what we know. A little bit of everything and not all at once.

The Seven of Swords serves as a bit of a warning, perhaps about medications, for it is a card of deception and stealing and what I see here is the concept of stealing from tomorrow in order to pay for today. If the seven swords are seven pills, make sure the solution you are adopting into isn’t one falsely labelled as hope. Do your research. Look outside the box of convention. Search for alternative solutions. Be careful, too, and take your time. Before you make a decision, make sure the information you take inside and choose to believe is your own and not picked up another way. If the camp we see is the camp of medicine – perhaps big pharma with all of her bells and whistles and pretty promises and bows… what are the possible side effects and consequences her little box or bottle might have?


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering the pandemic, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


Have a browse, give me a thumbs up, subscribe and leave a comment if you have anything you would like to share, ask or add.

Thank you for reading and have a brave and beautiful day. x



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