Solutions for lower back pain. 💆🏻

Back pain is something that we all suffer from from time to time; some of us more than others and some of us, unfortunately, all of the time. Whether you are experiencing it daily or occasionally, and whether it’s intense or mild, it’s not something you want to be putting up with if you can help it. There are times when we need to suffer in silence and take one for the team, when we need to be a grown up and accept that not everyone can be healthy and we don’t all get a happy end, and there are times when we have choices and options and control. Your options and how much power you have will depend on the source of your back pain and the nature of it, but perhaps these little solutions can offer some temporary help.

• a heat pad
• an ice pack 
• a muscle gel (ideally all natural ingredients) 
• cbd cream and/or cbd taken internally 
• a hot detox bath with Epsom salts and essential oils 
• a professional massage (not a vanity one) 
• physio 
• miafascial release 
• osteo or chiropractic 
• acupuncture 
• a sauna or a steam 
• a swim 
• a hydra pool
• yoga nidra 
• guided self-hypnosis or meditation 
• turmeric 
• MSM 
• and any other natural remedy for pain and inflammation


Going beyond that… because that might not be enough of a fix and only serve as a temporary plaster, one that we have to keep applying and renewing in order to get results but one that can be very helpful in the moment nonetheless …the first thing we have to ask is: where am I not supporting myself?, because this is what back issues are often about.

Upper back can be carrying too much of a burden and shouldering the issues and concerns of others.

Middle back can be not listening to ourselves and standing up for ourselves and taking proper care when it comes to self love.

And lower back is not supporting ourselves and moving forwards and often or mostly to do with issues of financial stability or independent security.

This reading is intended to help you to gain some clarity about what those key ingredients might be. Take what you need from it and leave the rest. Let it provide some insight and then the means from which to take steps.

The Knight of Swords is an ambitious card. It represents a person charging at a destination, determined upon their goal. They are intent upon achieving a cause, but are they being controlled by it? Or is it, the sword energy, that sharp blade of intellect, another person trying to suppress or control them?

The Eight of Swords represents limiting beliefs and self-restricting thoughts. It asks you to consider where you might be blocking yourself. This is a card about freedom and seeing things clearly and it is clear here that the source of your pain and therefore problem is that you lack a solid belief in yourself and your ability to stand on your own two feet.


If you would like to know more about what is going on right now and would also like to hear more about my thoughts… I discuss the things that are coming up for me and how I am attempting to mother, manage, navigate and clear them in my own life on my YouTube channel in a section called A Little Light.

There are also lots of tarot card readings covering the pandemic, as well as love, relationships, career, health and life, etc.


Have a browse, give me a thumbs up, subscribe and leave a comment if you have anything you would like to share, ask or add.

Thank you for reading and have a brave and beautiful day. x




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